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Caldoom and the Touchdown Collection

The first novel of the Touchdown Collection is now published.
Available as a pdf from Wargame Vault at

Available from Amazon as in softback or on Kindle at

The link is here or immediately below

When Storth arrives home after a long absence, there’s are a few things that need sorting out. Sometimes they can be more complicated than you initially thought.
But at least there are opportunities for an honest man to make money, with maidens to be rescued and tyrants slain, or was it the other way about.
And who uses energy carbines any more? Military fashions have moved on.

“You are Storth, ex-pilot and thief.”

“I have done rather more than that.” Storth sounded genuinely aggrieved.

“Yes but this is meant to be an identity check, not a charge sheet. We also felt mercenary, smuggler and thief verged on the tautological.”

“Oh, well I’m Storth.”

“And you are Hutton, wife of Storth, just a thief.”

“You could call me ‘Hutton, wife of Storth, housewife and thief’ if it makes it any better for your records.”


The Touchdown Collection is growing, sort of.

The idea is that ‘Touchdown’ isn’t just a place. It’s also a way of doing business. It’s the world (or galaxy) of the small space ship, wandering from world to world, picking up and dropping off cargoes as they do. Never spending longer in system than is really necessary for the job in hand. So at the moment there are three ‘systems’.
This map probably confuses things, but should give you an idea of what is happening.

The Hell by Starlight Campaigns sector is reasonably well mapped. The Caldoom Sector is at the start of the journey. The bottom left hand sector which contains the worlds of Touchdown and St Jerome, is partially mapped and described. At least from the novel, ‘In On A Chance’ mentioned above. Also St Jerome already has three scenarios set on it.

You’ll notice that there are blank areas around the map. Well they’re the bits we’re leaving for others to play with, to invent their own sectors and similar

And more from Caldoom.

Available from Amazon for £4.50 as a paperback, of £2 on Kindle.

From Iliada Game Studio in pdf for £2

From Wargame Vault as a pdf for £2

And Caldoom Scenarios

Collecting the Goods

Wabbit Hunting

Caldoom by Starlight is now published. It’s a supplement to Hell by Starlight Campaigns, and is available in pdf for £4 from

Or from Wargame Vault, also for £4 as a pdf

It’s also available from Amazon in paperback for £9.50 or on Kindle for £4

What About the Workers?

Well You Better Go and Rescue Him Then. The third in a vaguely linked group of scenarios.

Looking after the Interests of the Sect. Another scenario for the Order, coping gallantly with the Smugglers and Scum

A quiet day at the office.

It’s quiet, it’s too quiet.

Running in, please pass

That is not dead

The overly portly controller

Free Farmer’s Trucking Cooperative.

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