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Defending Prosperity

I’m trying to put together a full campaign world, for 6mm. It’s a world in the Caldoom Sector, called Prosperity. The idea is that it is going to produce seriously large military operations. Indeed my hope is that it’ll be the perfect world for Hell in Microcosm, where you deploy divisions on the wargames table.Continue reading “Defending Prosperity”

NeuBielefeld welcomes careful drivers.

Somebody muttered to me about how I don’t do much for mecha. I was asked, “How about a ‘proper 6mm scenario so I can get the mecha out?”Now there are several really detailed rule sets for mecha, but with Hellfire we have one where the great lords of war have to interact with hoi polloiContinue reading “NeuBielefeld welcomes careful drivers.”


Not every martial career is a steady if unspectacular advance through the ranks which leads to high position and the adoration of the masses. Some are cut short through incompetence, government cuts, or the unfortunate incident with the Colonel’s lady. Thus it is not entirely impossible that an otherwise promising young officer could find themselvesContinue reading “Exile”

Bring up the Mecha

This scenario is for somebody who wants to use their mecha but as part of an all-arms operation. It’s written for Hell in Microcosm but will work for any other large scale set of rules. Oh and if anybody likes the Mech above, On the world of Darken, the Imperial forces, stiffened by hiredContinue reading “Bring up the Mecha”

Blocking a pass.

The scenario is simple and is written mainly to give you a feel for the rules. When I wrote the rules, Hell in Microcosm, I produced rules in the SF section to allow inter-planetary invasions. OK I haven’t produced space naval combat rules, but at the very least I’ve produced rules to let you shipContinue reading “Blocking a pass.”


A scenario with mecha, grav tanks, powered armour infantry, aliens, mad max style vehicles and a beach location. What more would you want? The first Hellfire scenario to see publication in a commercial newsstand magazine was this one which appeared in the long defunct Role-Player Independent Vol. I No 7. Dealing with the interesting possibilitiesContinue reading “HELLFIRE ON THE BEACH”