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A last stand?

I have several times played the ‘Peter Gilder’ Sudan game. This is where the forces of the British Empire march (ideally) in perfect formation to drive off a randomly deployed enemy. As a player, keep the lads in formation, be careful about your scouting and keep one flank firmly on the river where the gunboatContinue reading “A last stand?”

Pre-Game Game. Lucratori te salutant

The aim with this was to put together something which might add ‘depth’ to a perfectly ordinary game. It would fit in with most rules and quite a few periods. A perfect pre-game game isn’t going to take long, it shouldn’t eat into valuable playing time. But there’s always time for institutionalised corruption. The scenario.Continue reading “Pre-Game Game. Lucratori te salutant”

The Accountancy Shanty

A scenario for Hellfire (but can be converted to other systems). It first appeared in Miniature Wargames back in September 1993 Think far into the future, when mankind has had time to travel a bit, grow old gracefully, and then revert back to type. The rich and influential world Quen-Ti-Kong is a financial centre andContinue reading “The Accountancy Shanty”