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Relying on your technology

On the otherwise insignificant world of Duckfield your military career has obviously reached a nadir. You have been seconded to the Merchant Adventurers’ Guild and have been placed in command of their local levies, garrisoning the fort of Götterdämmerung. The fort sits uncomfortably at the southern end of a valley. It is there to stopContinue reading “Relying on your technology”

Are we the Builders of Dreams?

Apparently it’s somewhere in the contract. If you do a blog then you cannot just do useful things like scenarios. Every so often the blogger is obliged to pontificate about something they don’t really know about. I’m not really sure what happens if you don’t do this, (unlike Bilbo Baggins, I never read the entireContinue reading “Are we the Builders of Dreams?”

Last train?

The strategic importance of railways is sometimes forgotten, until you realise that not everybody lives on small densely populated islands with a comprehensive road network. Gear up your railways properly and it is amazing just how much stuff you can transport in quite a short period of time. They’re also not as vulnerable as peopleContinue reading “Last train?”

You are probably not going to get a super power

How much dangerous chemical waste can you cope with? I don’t know about you, but I’ve lost track of the number of times where we’ve being playing a game, and somebody opens fire. Their opponent immediately points out that their fire will inevitably hit a piece of scenery which looks flammable or possibly capable ofContinue reading “You are probably not going to get a super power”

A stop on the road

Throughout history there are peoples who made a bare living from traversing the wilder areas of worlds. Eventually they seem to realise that they now possess the toughness and resilience to better themselves, and they move into the cities, producing new dynasties and reinvigorating society. Society rarely appreciates this service. But frankly, no matter nowContinue reading “A stop on the road”

Battlefield Salvage

We all know about fighting battles, it’s what wargamers do best. But what about tidying up the battlefield afterwards? Some of this equipment can be fixed and returned to service. At the very least some can be broken for spares. But it’s not just that, at the moment decent steel is £1,300 per ton. AContinue reading “Battlefield Salvage”

NeuBielefeld welcomes careful drivers.

Somebody muttered to me about how I don’t do much for mecha. I was asked, “How about a ‘proper 6mm scenario so I can get the mecha out?”Now there are several really detailed rule sets for mecha, but with Hellfire we have one where the great lords of war have to interact with hoi polloiContinue reading “NeuBielefeld welcomes careful drivers.”

Firstest with the Mostest

This game was provoked by seeing the Brigade Models Deep Ocean Research Centre So I wanted it as the centre of a game. Obviously two sides would fight over it, but it struck me that the first people in there would have an advantage, as they were the ones in cover and if theContinue reading “Firstest with the Mostest”

The Warlord

This solo Science Fiction campaign is based around Shem, an old city, perhaps fallen from the high status to which it once aspired but it is still no mean city. It ornaments the distant world of Torogath III. Humanity has passed through this world several times, but gradually it has slipped slowly into being aContinue reading “The Warlord”

The God Machine

A science fiction scenario for Hellfire rules. There are worlds where people forget, history passes them by and each generation fail to recall a little more of what their parents once knew. Machines that their grandmother used, no longer work because her grandmother was the last person who could service it. When the space lanesContinue reading “The God Machine”