The Warlord

This solo Science Fiction campaign is based around Shem, an old city, perhaps fallen from the high status to which it once aspired but it is still no mean city. It ornaments the distant world of Torogath III. Humanity has passed through this world several times, but gradually it has slipped slowly into being aContinue reading “The Warlord”

Desperadoes waiting for a train.

The world of St Jerome is often described in the textbooks as balkanised. Certainly you will find an incredible number of independent political entities. Still by and large they are civilised and wars tend to be brushfire or proxy and it is rare for a major conflict to break out. Indeed the various states onContinue reading “Desperadoes waiting for a train.”

Hellfire Campaigns. The Universe at Your Feet.

I’ve always felt that wargaming was at its very best when you had a wargames campaign, and to be honest, with 6mm I could hope to provide all the necessary figures. But anyway, I think I ran my first proper campaign back in 1975 and can look back on a long catalogue of errors andContinue reading “Hellfire Campaigns. The Universe at Your Feet.”

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