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Are we the Builders of Dreams?

Apparently it’s somewhere in the contract. If you do a blog then you cannot just do useful things like scenarios. Every so often the blogger is obliged to pontificate about something they don’t really know about. I’m not really sure what happens if you don’t do this, (unlike Bilbo Baggins, I never read the entireContinue reading “Are we the Builders of Dreams?”

Community Policing, or Trebizond Orbital Spaceport welcomes free-spending Sophisticates.

The Background Trebizond is a stable and prosperous world. It is not at the cutting edge of technology but it is peaceful. Technically it is in ‘Alien Space’, thus Trebizond was settled by a mixture of races. Humanity has, for no particularly good reason, ended up somewhat dominating the world. Theses have been written onContinue reading “Community Policing, or Trebizond Orbital Spaceport welcomes free-spending Sophisticates.”

Free Farmer’s Trucking Cooperative.

The cooperative is one of those small ventures that has never exactly flourished, but on the other hand it hasn’t exactly failed either. Formed to distribute goods throughout the Free Farmer’s territory it has become a real lifeline for those communities too far from the railway for them to make the journey themselves. It wasContinue reading “Free Farmer’s Trucking Cooperative.”

Running in, please pass.

The Mud Maggot is built on a number of worlds, but it is found in many others where rugged functionality at remarkably low cost is considered more important than speed, grace, or standard safety features. Doubtless there are new Mud Maggots out there, some may even have the original paint (or paint of any sort)Continue reading “Running in, please pass.”

It’s quiet, it’s too quiet.

This scenario will play out in any scale, 6mm, 28mm, whatever, with any figures, it’s just I’ve set it on Caldoom with the figures and scenery that are to hand. I wanted to produce something simple, but capable of being played by several players or solo. The background Today across Caldoom (or at least inContinue reading “It’s quiet, it’s too quiet.”

A quiet day in the office.

In the Shanties on Caldoom, Madam Veronica controls two middling sized rafts that are but a very minor part of the city of Liberty. She is regarded by most people as a decent enough boss, she employs twelve bullies and a lieutenant. She also funds a soup kitchen, a teacher and a paramedic. Now thereContinue reading “A quiet day in the office.”

Just looking after the interests of the sect

A little more from Caldoom. The Order of Malthus in his Aspect as the Personification of Self-Restraint has sent you and a small team to the city of Liberty on Caldoom. At one point the Order was an influential landowner within the city. But that was before various leading figures within the Order settled landContinue reading “Just looking after the interests of the sect”

What about the workers ?

This is the second in a loosely linked series of scenarios set on Caldoom. The idea is that you can use the same small group of figures and a lot of the same terrain. OK so the terrain might vary but my intention is good. The first scenario was ‘Collecting the Goods’, at This scenarioContinue reading “What about the workers ?”

Wabbit Hunting

It is perhaps an appropriate time to introduce you to the Caldoom Electromagnetic Anomaly. This arose at the time of the Bretag/Grelfarl war. Both sides used some guided weaponry, and this meant that both sides needed to use electronic counter measures. The problem was mainly budgetary. Whilst it was possible to pick up cheap (andContinue reading “Wabbit Hunting”