Just looking after the interests of the sect

A little more from Caldoom. The Order of Malthus in his Aspect as the Personification of Self-Restraint has sent you and a small team to the city of Liberty on Caldoom. At one point the Order was an influential landowner within the city. But that was before various leading figures within the Order settled landContinue reading “Just looking after the interests of the sect”

What about the workers ?

This is the second in a loosely linked series of scenarios set on Caldoom. The idea is that you can use the same small group of figures and a lot of the same terrain. OK so the terrain might vary but my intention is good. The first scenario was ‘Collecting the Goods’, at This scenarioContinue reading “What about the workers ?”

Wabbit Hunting

It is perhaps an appropriate time to introduce you to the Caldoom Electromagnetic Anomaly. This arose at the time of the Bretag/Grelfarl war. Both sides used some guided weaponry, and this meant that both sides needed to use electronic counter measures. The problem was mainly budgetary. Whilst it was possible to pick up cheap (andContinue reading “Wabbit Hunting”

Caldoom, the Launch.

Yes, at last, the big moment. We’re launching Caldoom. Now I was brought up in a shipbuilding town and know what launches are really like. Complex, with care taken to get everything right. You have to make sure that the tide is caught at exactly the right point. Then a lot of people slap eachContinue reading “Caldoom, the Launch.”

Just the job

A solo scenario for those who suspect their own side is a bigger risk to life and limb than the enemy. I wanted to do some solo scenarios for Hell by Starlight. I’m working on a scenario/campaign booklet, probably called Hell by Starlight Campaigns (don’t you just love the originality.) The idea is that asContinue reading “Just the job”

Something about blowing the doors off

When I put together this scenario for Hell by Starlight, I did break a couple of my usual guidelines. Normally I try and limit the number of players a game needs, indeed if possible I like to give solo options. The problem is, because of the nature of the background and who is deceiving who,Continue reading “Something about blowing the doors off”

If I ever go back to Tsarina it’ll be to write wargames scenarios.

I’ve had a lot of fun in Tsarina over the years, what with the yaks eating hallucinogenic lichens and a catering industry that uses gastropod where more conventional cuisines use chicken. I first came across Tsarina (“Savants tell us that Tsarina wasn’t as much colonised as infected by humanity – explored for the sake ofContinue reading “If I ever go back to Tsarina it’ll be to write wargames scenarios.”

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