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The account of Sub-Lieutenant Vazquez

The Sub-Lieutenant was in command of a platoon of Argentinian marines who defended the middle of the ridge at Tumbledown against the Scots Guards during the fighting for the Falklands. “At about 23:00 one of my men was wounded by shelling. And I moved over to help him. I left my rifle and ran toContinue reading “The account of Sub-Lieutenant Vazquez”

Just look after this bridge.

Our scenarios often concentrate on commandos or similar who are superbly trained and have to hit and destroy a particular target during a game. But what about the poor saps on the other side? So this scenario is a solo attempt to celebrate to poor beggar who just has a job to do. Because I’mContinue reading “Just look after this bridge.”

Artillery Barrages

The impact of Artillery in 20th century and later wargames is often limited. Depending on the scale of a game, both sides might get a mortar or two, or perhaps so many rounds of off-table artillery support. Yet the first phase of many battles was, and still is, the artillery. ‘Softening up’ the defenders, orContinue reading “Artillery Barrages”

Chandler’s Law

For those who don’t know it, this law (for writers) is based on writer Raymond Chandler’s advice: “When in doubt, have a man come through the door with a gun in his hand.” Actually it isn’t a bad guide for those people putting together a wargame scenario. Except in our case, figures entering the scenarioContinue reading “Chandler’s Law”

The droids you’re looking for?

Have you considered running a checkpoint for the discerning solo wargame? I mean, standing on a checkpoint, how difficult can it be? It’s not as if people are going to start shooting at you. Just in case they do, I’ve suggested Hell by Daylight rules because they are what I use for modern, but checkpointsContinue reading “The droids you’re looking for?”

Hunting for Abyssinians

This ‘Colonial’ game we played out at the club, the table was big (about eight by nine feet square) but sheer size isn’t essential. You could play this using 6mm figures on a far smaller table. We used Derek’s 20mm figures and Hell by Daylight rules. The terrain was cluttered, there were a lot ofContinue reading “Hunting for Abyssinians”

Tank Killing

Obviously this is a job for the professionals. The big anti-tank weapons, or even other tanks. But sometimes they’re not there when you need them and infantry have to do it themselves. Even before the advent of the panzerfaust or similar weapons, German infantry developed techniques for doing this. Finally the German Army wrote themContinue reading “Tank Killing”