A night on the town

This is a scenario that can be played by several people or solo. You want to cover your wargames table with as much urban terrain as possible. I’m using 6mm figures for this so with Hell and Uncivil Disorder rules, I’d just use the rules as normal but where the rules talk about inches, useContinue reading “A night on the town”

Indigenous Warfare

Amazing what being without a computer or access to the internet gives you time to do. I’ve always had an interest in the Taiping Rebellion, and some time ago I picked up ‘God’s Chinese Son: The Taiping Heavenly Kingdom of Hong Xiuquan.’ https://www.abebooks.co.uk/Gods-Chinese-Taiping-Heavenly-Kingdom-Hong/30733508692/bd? And of course I’ve got the Osprey https://ospreypublishing.com/the-taiping-rebellion-1851-66-pb Finally just before IContinue reading “Indigenous Warfare”

Making a run for it

Every so often a plan comes together, and this is generally agreed to be a good thing. So you would have thought that if several plans came together simultaneously, this would be an even better thing, but sometimes you can have too much of a good thing. This scenario was dreamed up in haste toContinue reading “Making a run for it”

A last stand?

I have several times played the ‘Peter Gilder’ Sudan game. This is where the forces of the British Empire march (ideally) in perfect formation to drive off a randomly deployed enemy. As a player, keep the lads in formation, be careful about your scouting and keep one flank firmly on the river where the gunboatContinue reading “A last stand?”


Not every martial career is a steady if unspectacular advance through the ranks which leads to high position and the adoration of the masses. Some are cut short through incompetence, government cuts, or the unfortunate incident with the Colonel’s lady. Thus it is not entirely impossible that an otherwise promising young officer could find themselvesContinue reading “Exile”

Pre-Game Game. Lucratori te salutant

The aim with this was to put together something which might add ‘depth’ to a perfectly ordinary game. It would fit in with most rules and quite a few periods. A perfect pre-game game isn’t going to take long, it shouldn’t eat into valuable playing time. But there’s always time for institutionalised corruption. The scenario.Continue reading “Pre-Game Game. Lucratori te salutant”

Tomatoes, killer or otherwise?

Three things came together to produce this scenario. One was seeing this video, https://makezine.com/2012/06/24/attack-of-the-killer-tomato/ It shows an automaton made by Keith Newstead as a donations box for Occombe Farm in Devon, UK. The second thing was a memory I have as a boy waiting to get my hair cut in the local barber’s shop. AllContinue reading “Tomatoes, killer or otherwise?”

Supporting the Armoured Train.

In October 1899 the siege of Mafeking was just getting underway. The forces were gathering and Baden-Powell had made his preparations. One asset the defenders had was an armoured train with two carriages and an armoured engine. It mounted two maxim guns and was manned by fifteen troopers of the British South African Police. OnContinue reading “Supporting the Armoured Train.”

Defended to the last man and to the last bullet.

Here is a scenario for ‘Hell and Uncivil Disorder’. I’ve done something similar in modern and WW2 over the years, this version is ‘science fiction’ but it does work in other periods. The basic premise is that the Empire is falling. Or at the very least has suffered major defeats and forces are ‘retreating toContinue reading “Defended to the last man and to the last bullet.”

The Magnificent How Many?

A SF twist to Akira Kurosawa’s story. At least you don’t need a lot of figures. The Magnificent Seven by definition are seven, while the bandit, Calvera may have started off with between forty and forty-three men. So we have a small community on the backwater world of Cinecittà. The rustic inhabitants of the smallContinue reading “The Magnificent How Many?”

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