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Hunting for Abyssinians

This ‘Colonial’ game we played out at the club, the table was big (about eight by nine feet square) but sheer size isn’t essential. You could play this using 6mm figures on a far smaller table. We used Derek’s 20mm figures and Hell by Daylight rules. The terrain was cluttered, there were a lot ofContinue reading “Hunting for Abyssinians”

A Solo wargamers glimpse of the Third Afghan War.

After a while you lose count with Afghan Wars. But the third was different, in that the Afghans invaded us in 1919. It’s different in another way as well, because my Grandfather was involved in it. He had finished the First World War in Mesopotamia and then just as they were sending people home, heContinue reading “A Solo wargamers glimpse of the Third Afghan War.”