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Well the rules are now out there

They’re available as paperback or kindle from Amazon

This link will take you there,

Then as a pdf they’re available from Wargames Vault

And then from everybody else in electronic format from

Here we have the link to the quick reference sheets, a free pdf download.

And to go with the rules, a guide to creating and running wargames campaigns. Here is Hellfire Campaigns. The Universe at Your Feet.

Available from Wargame Vault as a pdf

And from Amazon as a paperback or on kindle

This link will take you there

Whilst tables work well in pdf and paperback the results can be a bit variable in kindle, so here’s a quick reference sheet with the tables on to make sure you can take full advantage of them

Also we have a review of Hellfire Campaigns, from Miniature Wargames.

And now, Hellfire in the City

From Wargame Vault in pdf £2.50.

Also from Amazon in paperback for £6 or on kindle for £2.50

Hellfire in the City is a stand-alone solo sci-fi wargames campaign. Starting small and building your forces as you go, your aim is to control the sprawling city of Velonopolis.
The city is currently a patchwork of territories controlled by everything from petty thugs leading their bands of street scum through to corporate askari supported by mecha.
As well as city creation and discovering what hostile forces await you, this campaign guide contains rules allowing you to build new units, even mecha. At the same time, those troops you already lead will gain experience. Starting from scratch you can put together riverine or even air mobile forces.
At last you will realise why proper armies had vehicle recovery units and field hospitals.
Although designed for Hellfire rules and 6mm figures, there is no reason why you couldn’t convert troop types to fit with your favourite rule set.
Other campaigns finish with the stirring words, ‘Conquer or Die!’ In this case we allow losers to flee the city, pursued by their creditors.

And now

Hellfire and the Fall of Empire?
A solo scenario

Available from Amazon for £7.50 in paperback, or £3 on Kindle.

This is designed to be a science fiction solo campaign. It will produce battles which you can, if you wish, play with an opponent, but I’ve also provided suggestions for solo play there as well.
In this campaign, you are faced with the Empire falling. You are going to struggle to hold on to what you started out with. Your tax base could shrink, you might lose technology, and the forces of barbarism are all around, plotting your demise. Still, “It is better to light a candle than curse the darkness.” I have every confidence in your ability to overcome these trivial handicaps.

Available from Wargame Vault for £3 as a pdf

And a scenario, Accountancy Shanty, as a free pdf download

And a roster sheet for Hellfire

Wargamers of Dune. A scenario

Hellfire on the Beach. A scenario.

Policing the Archonate. A scenario.

The Delta Variant

And the complete Dodgson’s World, three scenarios and a campaign.

Hellfire and Powered Armour. A scenario, but also some thoughts of using scenarios with different figure scales

Some suggestions for playing Hellfire, Solo

Space marines, playing the books not the rules

Desperadoes waiting for a train.

War of the Worlds and Hellfire

Jungle Warfare gets under your Skin

A Pirate Raid

Merchant Caravan

The God Machine

The Warlord

Firstest with the Mostest

NeuBielefeld welcomes careful drivers.

Battlefield Salvage

A Stop on the Road

The last train?

Relying on Your Technology

Decline/Fall. Delete as necessary

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