Well the rules are now out there

They’re available as paperback or kindle from Amazon

This link will take you there,  https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B0979QZMMQ/

Then as a pdf they’re available from Wargames Vault


And then from everybody else in electronic format from


Here we have the link to the quick reference sheets, a free pdf download.

And to go with the rules, a guide to creating and running wargames campaigns. Here is Hellfire Campaigns. The Universe at Your Feet.

Available from Wargame Vault as a pdf


And from Amazon as a paperback or on kindle

This link will take you there https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B09D9BHB35/

Whilst tables work well in pdf and paperback the results can be a bit variable in kindle, so here’s a quick reference sheet with the tables on to make sure you can take full advantage of them

Also we have a review of Hellfire Campaigns, from Miniature Wargames.

And a scenario, Accountancy Shanty, as a free pdf download

And a roster sheet for Hellfire

Wargamers of Dune. A scenario

Hellfire on the Beach. A scenario.

Policing the Archonate. A scenario.

The Delta Variant

And the complete Dodgson’s World, three scenarios and a campaign.

Hellfire and Powered Armour. A scenario, but also some thoughts of using scenarios with different figure scales

Some suggestions for playing Hellfire, Solo

Space marines, playing the books not the rules

Desperadoes waiting for a train.

War of the Worlds and Hellfire

Jungle Warfare gets under your Skin

A Pirate Raid

Merchant Caravan

The God Machine

The Warlord

Firstest with the Mostest

NeuBielefeld welcomes careful drivers.

Battlefield Salvage

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