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Hell and Uncivil Disorder

The rules are finally published. Available from Amazon as a £9.50 paperback, or £4 on Kindle.

And from Wargame Vault as a pdf for £4

Just got a review from Miniature Wargames

And a simple scenario played through to give you some idea of how the rules work.

Afghan September

A Solo wargamers glimpse of the Third Afghan War

Assisting the Civil Power

A vaguely civil war

Who do you think you are kidding? A solo scenario.

Solo campaign, Guerrilla Warfare in Northern China

The Magnificent How Many?

Defended to the last man and to the last bullet.

Supporting the Armoured Train.

Tomatoes, killer or otherwise?

Pre-Game Game. Lucratori te salutant


A Last Stand?

A Night on the Town

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