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Artillery Barrages

The impact of Artillery in 20th century and later wargames is often limited. Depending on the scale of a game, both sides might get a mortar or two, or perhaps so many rounds of off-table artillery support. Yet the first phase of many battles was, and still is, the artillery. ‘Softening up’ the defenders, orContinue reading “Artillery Barrages”

In the beginning was the plan part two, the attackers.

I thought long and hard about how to do the attackers. After all, with the defenders I’ve been through suggestions as to how you could organise units in part one.So I decided that I’d let you build your own army. For the campaigns I came up with costs, so you knew how much army youContinue reading “In the beginning was the plan part two, the attackers.”

In the beginning was the plan.

One advantage of working at large scale is that you can casually rob the terrain from the real world. So for this scenario the west edge of the board is the sea, (just visible west of Warton). Similarly the eastern edge of your map is pretty hilly. Not Alpine, but you’d want to push throughContinue reading “In the beginning was the plan.”

It’s quiet, it’s too quiet.

This scenario will play out in any scale, 6mm, 28mm, whatever, with any figures, it’s just I’ve set it on Caldoom with the figures and scenery that are to hand. I wanted to produce something simple, but capable of being played by several players or solo. The background Today across Caldoom (or at least inContinue reading “It’s quiet, it’s too quiet.”

Imagi-nations from Ancient to Science Fiction

The joy of Imagi-nations is that you hold both supreme political and military authority. Subject to morale roles and random events, you can control everything. Not only can you decide the political issues, you can dictate grand strategy, manoeuvre the armies and even decide on the colour of turnbacks and the quantity and quality ofContinue reading “Imagi-nations from Ancient to Science Fiction”

Hard Pounding

This was an introductory Hell in Microcosm game using 6mm figures which I ran at the club. Nobody there had played the game before, but it’s the sort of level that would appeal to them. It was ‘modern’ rather than WW2 or Sci Fi, but things fade into each other with the rules. I couldContinue reading “Hard Pounding”

A night on the town

This is a scenario that can be played by several people or solo. You want to cover your wargames table with as much urban terrain as possible. I’m using 6mm figures for this so with Hell and Uncivil Disorder rules, I’d just use the rules as normal but where the rules talk about inches, useContinue reading “A night on the town”

A quiet day in the office.

In the Shanties on Caldoom, Madam Veronica controls two middling sized rafts that are but a very minor part of the city of Liberty. She is regarded by most people as a decent enough boss, she employs twelve bullies and a lieutenant. She also funds a soup kitchen, a teacher and a paramedic. Now thereContinue reading “A quiet day in the office.”

Defending Prosperity

I’m trying to put together a full campaign world, for 6mm. It’s a world in the Caldoom Sector, called Prosperity. The idea is that it is going to produce seriously large military operations. Indeed my hope is that it’ll be the perfect world for Hell in Microcosm, where you deploy divisions on the wargames table.Continue reading “Defending Prosperity”

Martians against the Mahdi

“You’re a pore benighted ‘eathen but a first-class fightin’ man;” To give you a scale from the map, from Dongola to Khartoum/ Omdurman is 531km.   The aim of this scenario is to give you a scenario and another opponent for your Mahdists. Bored of the British? Then give the Martians a twirl. The rules,Continue reading “Martians against the Mahdi”