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The account of Sub-Lieutenant Vazquez

The Sub-Lieutenant was in command of a platoon of Argentinian marines who defended the middle of the ridge at Tumbledown against the Scots Guards during the fighting for the Falklands. “At about 23:00 one of my men was wounded by shelling. And I moved over to help him. I left my rifle and ran toContinue reading “The account of Sub-Lieutenant Vazquez”

Relying on your technology

On the otherwise insignificant world of Duckfield your military career has obviously reached a nadir. You have been seconded to the Merchant Adventurers’ Guild and have been placed in command of their local levies, garrisoning the fort of Götterdämmerung. The fort sits uncomfortably at the southern end of a valley. It is there to stopContinue reading “Relying on your technology”