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Are we the Builders of Dreams?

Apparently it’s somewhere in the contract. If you do a blog then you cannot just do useful things like scenarios. Every so often the blogger is obliged to pontificate about something they don’t really know about. I’m not really sure what happens if you don’t do this, (unlike Bilbo Baggins, I never read the entireContinue reading “Are we the Builders of Dreams?”

Community Policing, or Trebizond Orbital Spaceport welcomes free-spending Sophisticates.

The Background Trebizond is a stable and prosperous world. It is not at the cutting edge of technology but it is peaceful. Technically it is in ‘Alien Space’, thus Trebizond was settled by a mixture of races. Humanity has, for no particularly good reason, ended up somewhat dominating the world. Theses have been written onContinue reading “Community Policing, or Trebizond Orbital Spaceport welcomes free-spending Sophisticates.”

Free Farmer’s Trucking Cooperative.

The cooperative is one of those small ventures that has never exactly flourished, but on the other hand it hasn’t exactly failed either. Formed to distribute goods throughout the Free Farmer’s territory it has become a real lifeline for those communities too far from the railway for them to make the journey themselves. It wasContinue reading “Free Farmer’s Trucking Cooperative.”

Counter-insurgency games and campaigns.

Over the years, counter-insurgency has provided a background to my wargaming. Indeed it’s provided a background to my life. I cycled home from school to watch the retaking of Hue on the TV news. Friends of my parents served in Malaya, Palestine, and Cyprus. We had ‘the troubles’ and if I had joined the armyContinue reading “Counter-insurgency games and campaigns.”