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A stop on the road

Throughout history there are peoples who made a bare living from traversing the wilder areas of worlds. Eventually they seem to realise that they now possess the toughness and resilience to better themselves, and they move into the cities, producing new dynasties and reinvigorating society. Society rarely appreciates this service. But frankly, no matter nowContinue reading “A stop on the road”

Artillery Barrages

The impact of Artillery in 20th century and later wargames is often limited. Depending on the scale of a game, both sides might get a mortar or two, or perhaps so many rounds of off-table artillery support. Yet the first phase of many battles was, and still is, the artillery. ‘Softening up’ the defenders, orContinue reading “Artillery Barrages”

In the beginning was the plan part two, the attackers.

I thought long and hard about how to do the attackers. After all, with the defenders I’ve been through suggestions as to how you could organise units in part one.So I decided that I’d let you build your own army. For the campaigns I came up with costs, so you knew how much army youContinue reading “In the beginning was the plan part two, the attackers.”