Just looking after the interests of the sect

A little more from Caldoom.

Unloading the last few supplies

The Order of Malthus in his Aspect as the Personification of Self-Restraint has sent you and a small team to the city of Liberty on Caldoom. At one point the Order was an influential landowner within the city. But that was before various leading figures within the Order settled land on their mistresses, sold it to pay gambling debts, or somehow just mislaid the deeds. Still a decision has been made to install a new shrine. The obvious place to do this in in the Shanties. After all, the denizens of the area have shown your people a distinct lack of respect over recent times.

To understand the significance of this you have to realise that the city of Liberty is built on the delta of the Iron River. The eastern parts of the delta are reasonably firm and the buildings there are substantial, even if they do rest on concrete rafts, deep foundations or on piles driven down to hit bedrock. The western side of the delta is far less firm. In fact before colonisation, the area consisted of a mixture of almost floating islands, shallow lakes, and winding channels. Because the mud was virtually bottomless it was easy to sink a power plant into it to extract geothermal heat and above the power plant is a huge floating steel raft. Almost immediately, people moved onto the raft and build shanties to live in. Over the years more and more of these rafts have been added and a fair proportion of the city’s working population lives on them.

It has been decided that you will build the shrine on one of these rafts. You need one that is reasonably populous but not so crowded there is no room for the shrine. Your superiors selected a site. Even as you deposit the documents with the city authorities saying that you are building on the open area not far from the water filtration plant, a team of combat engineers is ensuring that there is an open area not far from the water filtration plant. Before night has fallen, contractors are assembling the shrine, build from preformed panels. By dawn the shrine is completed and you and your brethren have taken possession.

The forces of the Order

You are the commander, your force, only ten strong is composed of two squads. One led by you, one led by the Brother Almoner.

Support Squad, Second class regulars, 19 reaction points.

You, the commander, Veteran, flak jacket under robes. Energy carbine, hard wired.  

Brother Roundsman. Normal, flak jacket under robes. Energy carbine, hard wired. 

Brother Cantor. Normal, flak jacket under robes. Energy carbine, hard wired. 

Brother Cellarer. Green, flak jacket under robes. Energy carbine, hard wired. 

Brother Malthas. Green, flak jacket under robes. Energy carbine, hard wired. 

Street Squad. Second class regulars, 18 reaction points.

Brother Almoner, Veteran, flak jacket under robes. Power mace, hard wired. 

Brother Infirmarer, Normal, flak jacket under robes. Energy carbine, hard wired. 

Brother Guest Master, Green, flak jacket under robes. Energy carbine, hard wired. 

Brother Cadwel. Green, flak jacket under robes. Energy carbine, hard wired.

Brother Walland. Green, flak jacket under robes. Energy carbine, hard wired.

Your Street squad is patrolling the area, having collected the rents (protection money) and is now providing law and order. You, along with the Support squad, are in the shrine itself. You are in constant communication with Brother Almoner through his throat microphone.

All your brethren get one dice shift in their favour because whilst they are not superbly training in close combat, (which would give them two dice shifts) they have some martial arts training meaning they get one shift. Brother Almoner has a power mace which gives one dice shift because it’s a specialist close combat weapon.

You are always being watched

The previous collectors of rents and protection money.

Pags and his gang have run this and adjacent rafts for some years, since they displaced a previous gang. Whilst most are alien (but everybody is an alien somewhere) they have been caught up in human culture so largely react in a human manner.

They have the following combatants. These are based on the CP Miniatures Scum and Smugglers.


I’ve tried to give them, ‘what you see is what you get.’ You might also want to give them an energy carbine for ‘general’ use. They’re not hardwired into this weapon.

Group One Warriors Reaction point total 18

Pags. Veteran Unpowered Composite armour. Submachinegun. Energy blade. 

Plutt. Normal. Flak jacket, Mace,

Kossh Normal, Flak jacket, energy trident.

Rhac, Normal, Flak Jacket, pistol, sword.

Dormi. Normal, Flak Jacket. Energy pistol

This group all get one dice shift because they have some close combat experience and training. Four of them also get a bonus for specialist close combat weapon.

Group Two Composite aliens. Reaction point total 17

Queenie. Normal, Flak Jacket. Energy pistol

Hammer, Normal, Flak Jacket, Submachinegun

Hawkes. Normal, Flak Jacket. Pistols, Hardwired

Dazh. Green, Ablative armour. Energy carbine

Arim, Green, Ablative armour, Energy pistol

Mandrid, Green, Energy Carbine, hard wired

Nus, Green, Energy pistol, hardwired, explosive charge

Chana, Normal, Flak jacket, pistol.

Composite Alien reaction table.

Playing the scenario

As solo

The scenario starts with the Street squad of the Order in the streets. Split the table into a three by three grid of hypothetical squares. Roll a d10 and reroll 10s, and also the Street Squad cannot land in the square on which the shrine sits. The Support Squad are in the Shrine. If you’re feeling particularly vindictive you might want to split the Street Squad into two groups, (toss a coin for each figure, heads they’re in one group, tails they are in another) and then place the two groups separately)

When placing the Smugglers and Scum, roll for Group 1 and Group 2 separately. Pags, evaluating the calibre of his forces, decides he will take Group one and hit the Street squad, whilst Group two take up a position to open fire on the Support squad if they move out of the shrine to assist.
Because Pags has superior intelligence and knows what is going on, sticking with your grid of hypothetical squares, Group 1 will be placed, randomly, in a square next to the Street Squad (but not in the same square as the Shrine.) Don’t count squares ‘diagonally’ adjacent to the Street Squad. Depending which square the Street Squad is in there could be anywhere between two or three squares to chose, randomly. If the Street Squad has been split, there could be even more.
Then for Group 2, just throw randomly to place them in one of the four hypothetical squares adjacent to the shrine. They can be placed in the same square as Group 1 but not in the same square as the Street Squad.
Ideally Nus will place his explosive charge against the Shrine door if the Support squad doesn’t come out. Then when the Street Squad has been eliminated, the two groups can storm the shrine.

He’ll never know what hit him!

As Multiplayer

Obviously this works for up to four players, with each having a squad to play with. There is no real sophistication to this scenario, which seems appropriate given the nature of the protagonists.

Two men work, one supervises, and three more stand about pretending to look busy doing guard duty.

Winning and losing.
The aim is to eliminate or drive away the opposition. It’s that simple.

The Order of Malthus in his Aspect as the Personification of Self-Restraint obviously doesn’t welcome all and sundry to their services.

In case you need reminding, the terrain is by Iliada Game Studio, available at


The rules I tend to use are Hell by Starlight (but they’re generic so your own rules should cover it.) Caldoom is covered in Caldoom by Starlight, (Which supplements ‘Hell by Starlight Campaigns’) and rather than cluttering up a wargames supplement with flavour text, there is a novella set on Caldoom. Caldoom and the Ship of Dreams.

All are avaialble from Iliada Game Studio in pdf, or from Wargame Vault, also in pdf, also for £4 (£2 for Caldoom and the Ship of Dreams)


And they’re available from Amazon, £9.50 in paperback, £4 on Kindle. (£4.50 and £2 for Caldoom and the Ship of Dreams.)

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