What about the workers ?

The mechanics park their Baastruk next to the job

This is the second in a loosely linked series of scenarios set on Caldoom. The idea is that you can use the same small group of figures and a lot of the same terrain. OK so the terrain might vary but my intention is good.

The first scenario was ‘Collecting the Goods’, at

This scenario rather assumes that you have still got your three monks. They are the three preaching monks of the Itinerant Order of the Poor Brethren.

Three monks from the Itinerant Order of the Poor Brethren

They consist of Brother Roberto, an inspiring preacher and evangelist. He has already been driven out of six systems as a trouble maker, suggesting that theocratic republics should give up little luxuries and support the poor. He has no martial skills.

There is Brother Virgil. He is supposed to chronical the sayings of Brother Malthus, ensuring his sermons are spread more widely than just those who hear them in person. More usefully he is also a doctor of medicine rather than theology. Again, not a fighting man, but really useful at patching up those who are.

Finally there is Brother Theodore. He is a kindly soul, always ready to help anybody, and has several times laid out those attacking the party, using his heavy staff as a weapon. A Veteran Warrior before he took his vows of poverty, he counts as supremely skilled in melee combat with it.

If you have managed to inadvertently mislay these three, then feel free to acquire three more. The Itinerant Order of the Poor Brethren has turned its unkind gaze upon the Order of Malthus in his Aspect as the Personification of Self-Restraint and feels they need investigating. If they lose their first three investigators, another team will be sent.

Also, there’s a scenario for if you need to rescue them. That will appear in due course.

The scenario starts with the three monks talking to workmen servicing Water Filtration Plant. These plants are important, because as a city built on a delta, Liberty suffers from a shortage of fresh water. The water in the delta is both brackish (because the delta is tidal) and also heavily laden with silt and organic matter. Thus there are water filtration plants dotted around the city. In the Shanties each of the great steel rafts has a small water filtration plant. Unusually they are a service provided by the Municipality of Liberty and are serviced by city employees. All citizens have a ‘water card’ which allows them to a fixed amount of water. Once they have used that, they can buy more by putting money onto their card by visiting an office in the Administrative area.

Once you have a card the procedure is simple. Just put your bucket under the nozzle, insert your card, fill your bucket and then withdraw your card. Some bosses will have a bully loitering in the area, just to make sure that nobody tries to get their water paid for using the card of somebody weaker or more infirm.

Preaching to the workers

These three workmen consist of Dinko, Maggoo, and Affo. Dinko the Mechanic is the leader of the tea. For a number of years he was a conscript serving in the Grelfarl armed forces. He managed to desert and has built a new life in Liberty. From time to time he does ‘security’ work for various people and carries a pistol. He is Normal, second class line. 16 reaction points.

Maggoo. He was conscripted into the Bretag armed forces, deserted and after serving for two years with the Planetary Defence force, got a new name, some engineering training and a job with the municipality. He counts as Normal, second class line, 16 reaction points, and his pipe dogs/Stilsons give him a bonus in hand to hand combat.

Affo. He just appeared on the world, doesn’t talk about his past, and has enough basic engineering background to get a job with the municipality. He counts as Normal, second class line, 16 reaction points, and his big hammer gives him a bonus in hand to hand combat.

Keeping a maternal eye on this is Madam Veronica,

Madam Veronica

She is the Boss on this raft, a neighbour and collaborator with Pags.

She is carried in a palanquin, which is somewhat modified. Firstly it contains a grav plate so she can hover without bearers if she needs to. Secondly the chair contains a Personal Force Field Generator. The field created is a sphere that protects Madam Veronica, her two bearers, and anybody who can place the sphere between them and somebody shooting at them.

Her two bearers are bullies, they count as warriors and they have submachineguns hidden in the palanquin. Madam Veronica is a veteran warrior with a hard wired energy pistol she will use on anybody who attempts to attack her.

Mal, Normal, submachinegun.

Tac. Normal, submachinegun

The Order of Malthus in his Aspect as the Personification of Self-Restraint

When senior members of the order within the city heard that the three monks were still pursuing their enquiries as well as preaching, they decided something had to be done. When they heard the monks were at the water filtration plant, the despatched an air raft to capture them.

The cult arrives

The air raft has a hand of five cultists on it.

Original Squad. Second class regulars, 18 reaction points.

Brother Almoner, Veteran, flak jacket under robes. Power mace, hard wired. 

Fifth Lay Brother, Green, flak jacket under robes. Energy carbine, hard wired. 

Sixth Lay Brother. Green, flak jacket under robes. Energy carbine, hard wired.

Seventh Lay Brother. Green, flak jacket under robes. Energy carbine, hard wired.

Eighth Lay Brother, Normal, flak jacket under robes. Energy carbine, hard wired. 

All your brethren get one dice shift in their favour because whilst they are not superbly training in close combat, (which would give them two dice shifts) they have some martial arts training meaning they get one shift. Brother Almoner has a power mace which gives one dice shift because it’s a specialist close combat weapon.


Both sides get reinforcements.

Each move roll a d6. On anything but a 1, one of Madam Veronica’s bullies arrives to provide support.

On a roll of 1 another air raft appears with another hand of cultists. They will effectively be the same as the first squad to arrive.

There are only two more air rafts than can arrive. There is a maximum of twelve bullies.

Madam Veronica’s reinforcements

Composite aliens. Reaction point total 17

Because the figures came from the CP Miniatures Scum and Smugglers range, all are different and figures tend to have a wide variety of weapons.


Looking at an individual figure I would give it either flak or ablative armour. If it has a hand to hand weapon this will give them two dice shifts in close combat. I would allow them the weapon they are equipped with, as well as an energy carbine for ‘general’ use.

As to how competent they are roll a d6 for each figure.

  1. They are Green
  2. They are Green but hardwired for the weapon they are holding
  3. They are normal
  4. They are normal but hardwired for the weapon they are holding
  5. They are normal and hardwired both for the weapon they’re holding and their energy carbine.
  6. They are veteran and hardwired both for the weapon they’re holding and their energy carbine.
Scum in action

Solo Play and Victory Conditions.

Because the reinforcements’ arrival is determined at random, a solo player can take either side.

The Cult

The Cult want to arrest all three monks. Brother Roberto and Brother Virgil will surrender if there is a cultist in base to base contact with them, and nobody defending them within a base width. Brother Theodore will not surrender until he’s incapacitated. Note that under no circumstances should these three brothers be shot down and possibly killed. It’ll be on prime time before the day is out and the Order would obviously have to claim that the operation was the act of rogue elements. This would have a deleterious impact on both your career and life expectancy.

Similarly gunning down the three Municipal Employees maintaining a water filtration plant would also be very hard to explain away. Given the Order is working hard to be accepted as respectable by the Municipality, unless the cultists shot them down in self-defence, those on the expedition could expect difficult and embarrassing questions with the, only to be expected, deleterious impact on both your career and life expectancy.

In the eyes of the cult, Madam Veronica and her people are criminal scum and shooting them down is the act of a public minded citizen.

Madam Veronica

She regards herself as having extended her protection over both the three monks and the three mechanics. So mess with them and you’re messing with her. The problem about running a protection racket is that people feel they’re entitled to protection. Madam Veronica and her bullies will endeavour to provide that protection.

So she will attempt to drive off the cult and to protect the mechanics and monks.

So for solo play

Pick your side and play both sides according to their victory conditions. Scum and Cultists will fire on each other with enthusiastic abandon. Madam Veronica will have no qualms about attempting to shelter the monks within the force field generated by her palanquin. If the two bearers leave her the three monks can take cover within the field. They will have to be dragged out bodily if anybody wants to take them prisoner.



So Caldoom has another scenario!
Just a word about the figures, when Ali (https://www.iliadagamestudio.com/ ) and I started with the idea of creating our own world, we decided that for Caldoom we would use CP Models figures.

I confess that this is for no better reason than they’re nice figures and Ali and I both liked them. CP Models is, as it were, an innocent bystander. For them, Caldoom is something of a surprise. Hopefully people will like their figures and make it a pleasant surprise. As we continue our way through the sector, leaving a litter of bad prose and shattered mdf behind us, on other worlds, we could well use other figures. We’re already working on a world for 6mm figures and bigger actions.

The other thing that makes Caldoom is that Ali makes such cool stuff. Obviously some of it is there in the photos, but there’s a lot more. It’s worth taking a minute just to look at it!  https://www.iliadagamestudio.com/caldoom-by-starlight

Rules and stuff? Well I geared it to Hell by Starlight. But I’ve tried to ensure that you can use your own rules with your own figures. Also I’ve tried to ensure that as much as possible is geared to solo play as well as against an opponent. So hopefully for the solo player Caldoom is a setting you can immerse yourself in. There is a Caldoom by Starlight book which is a supplement to Hell by Starlight Campaigns. Also, rather than cluttering up Caldoom by Starlight with a lot of flavour text, I wrote a novella, ‘Caldoom and the Ship of Dreams’. That way if you want background, you can buy it and read it, but you’re not tripping over it when you’re looking for something in the guide.

So ideally Caldoom is a world of imagination, and with all the stuff Ali is turning out, there’s plenty for your imagination to work with.


If you’re interesting in Caldoom by Starlight it’s available from Iliada Game Studio for £4 in pdf


Or from Wargame Vault for £4 in pdf


Or from Amazon in paperback for £9.50 or on kindle for £4

Caldoom and the Ship of Dreams is also available from Iliada Game Studio, Wargame Vault, or Amazon

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