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Firstest with the Mostest

This game was provoked by seeing the Brigade Models Deep Ocean Research Centre So I wanted it as the centre of a game. Obviously two sides would fight over it, but it struck me that the first people in there would have an advantage, as they were the ones in cover and if theContinue reading “Firstest with the Mostest”

Chandler’s Law

For those who don’t know it, this law (for writers) is based on writer Raymond Chandler’s advice: “When in doubt, have a man come through the door with a gun in his hand.” Actually it isn’t a bad guide for those people putting together a wargame scenario. Except in our case, figures entering the scenarioContinue reading “Chandler’s Law”

The Glamour of Exotic Travel

I’m a great believer in variety in science fiction wargaming. Given the ability of incompetents to get themselves into trouble, I think they also deserve their day in the limelight. I have been working on a campaign where, to get both the variety of incidents, produce a coherent backstory, and give you a way ofContinue reading “The Glamour of Exotic Travel”

The droids you’re looking for?

Have you considered running a checkpoint for the discerning solo wargame? I mean, standing on a checkpoint, how difficult can it be? It’s not as if people are going to start shooting at you. Just in case they do, I’ve suggested Hell by Daylight rules because they are what I use for modern, but checkpointsContinue reading “The droids you’re looking for?”