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Not every martial career is a steady if unspectacular advance through the ranks which leads to high position and the adoration of the masses. Some are cut short through incompetence, government cuts, or the unfortunate incident with the Colonel’s lady. Thus it is not entirely impossible that an otherwise promising young officer could find themselvesContinue reading “Exile”

Pre-Game Game. Lucratori te salutant

The aim with this was to put together something which might add ‘depth’ to a perfectly ordinary game. It would fit in with most rules and quite a few periods. A perfect pre-game game isn’t going to take long, it shouldn’t eat into valuable playing time. But there’s always time for institutionalised corruption. The scenario.Continue reading “Pre-Game Game. Lucratori te salutant”

The Warlord

This solo Science Fiction campaign is based around Shem, an old city, perhaps fallen from the high status to which it once aspired but it is still no mean city. It ornaments the distant world of Torogath III. Humanity has passed through this world several times, but gradually it has slipped slowly into being aContinue reading “The Warlord”

Hunting for Abyssinians

This ‘Colonial’ game we played out at the club, the table was big (about eight by nine feet square) but sheer size isn’t essential. You could play this using 6mm figures on a far smaller table. We used Derek’s 20mm figures and Hell by Daylight rules. The terrain was cluttered, there were a lot ofContinue reading “Hunting for Abyssinians”