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Just the job

A solo scenario for those who suspect their own side is a bigger risk to life and limb than the enemy. I wanted to do some solo scenarios for Hell by Starlight. I’m working on a scenario/campaign booklet, probably called Hell by Starlight Campaigns (don’t you just love the originality.) The idea is that asContinue reading “Just the job”

Holding the line.

I wanted to do a solo scenario for Hell in Microcosm. I also wanted to ‘cheat’ to make it easier for me, and one way of doing that is to have a relentless attacker who just keeps coming at you. I confess that at this point I thought orcs and SF. But the more IContinue reading “Holding the line.”

Bring up the Mecha

This scenario is for somebody who wants to use their mecha but as part of an all-arms operation. It’s written for Hell in Microcosm but will work for any other large scale set of rules. Oh and if anybody likes the Mech above, On the world of Darken, the Imperial forces, stiffened by hiredContinue reading “Bring up the Mecha”