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Tomatoes, killer or otherwise?

Three things came together to produce this scenario. One was seeing this video, It shows an automaton made by Keith Newstead as a donations box for Occombe Farm in Devon, UK. The second thing was a memory I have as a boy waiting to get my hair cut in the local barber’s shop. AllContinue reading “Tomatoes, killer or otherwise?”

Something about blowing the doors off

When I put together this scenario for Hell by Starlight, I did break a couple of my usual guidelines. Normally I try and limit the number of players a game needs, indeed if possible I like to give solo options. The problem is, because of the nature of the background and who is deceiving who,Continue reading “Something about blowing the doors off”

The God Machine

A science fiction scenario for Hellfire rules. There are worlds where people forget, history passes them by and each generation fail to recall a little more of what their parents once knew. Machines that their grandmother used, no longer work because her grandmother was the last person who could service it. When the space lanesContinue reading “The God Machine”

Tank Killing

Obviously this is a job for the professionals. The big anti-tank weapons, or even other tanks. But sometimes they’re not there when you need them and infantry have to do it themselves. Even before the advent of the panzerfaust or similar weapons, German infantry developed techniques for doing this. Finally the German Army wrote themContinue reading “Tank Killing”

Blocking a pass.

The scenario is simple and is written mainly to give you a feel for the rules. When I wrote the rules, Hell in Microcosm, I produced rules in the SF section to allow inter-planetary invasions. OK I haven’t produced space naval combat rules, but at the very least I’ve produced rules to let you shipContinue reading “Blocking a pass.”

Partisan Operations

The partisans operating behind German lines on the Russian front gave the Germans problems. Yet when you look at a more detailed analysis, the partisans didn’t cause as many problems as they ought to have done, but this was perhaps due to two factors. Firstly in Soviet eyes one of the main purposes of theContinue reading “Partisan Operations”