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Defended to the last man and to the last bullet.

Here is a scenario for ‘Hell and Uncivil Disorder’. I’ve done something similar in modern and WW2 over the years, this version is ‘science fiction’ but it does work in other periods. The basic premise is that the Empire is falling. Or at the very least has suffered major defeats and forces are ‘retreating toContinue reading “Defended to the last man and to the last bullet.”

The Magnificent How Many?

A SF twist to Akira Kurosawa’s story. At least you don’t need a lot of figures. The Magnificent Seven by definition are seven, while the bandit, Calvera may have started off with between forty and forty-three men. So we have a small community on the backwater world of Cinecittà. The rustic inhabitants of the smallContinue reading “The Magnificent How Many?”

A pirate raid.

I wanted something a bit different. I rather like games where people are not entirely sure what is going on. The basic premise is that space pirates have landed their ship (a freighter) in town on the world of Touchdown and are hitting a particular business (a manufacturing plant) before leaving again. This is obviouslyContinue reading “A pirate raid.”

Solo campaign, Guerrilla Warfare in Northern China

In the years up to and during the Second World War, the situation in Northern China was complicated to say the least. Firstly the area of Manchuria had been effectively independent, even before the Japanese take over. Then there was the pro-Japanese Inner Mongolian Army, alternatively called the Mengjiang National Army, which repeated got involvedContinue reading “Solo campaign, Guerrilla Warfare in Northern China”