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Jungle Warfare gets under your skin.

This scenario very much takes Hellfire back to its beginnings. Many years ago I ran a scenario where I wanted to somehow get the troops to act like people. They’d be more nervous in the dark, fire discipline would be an aspiration and people shot at would shoot back first and ask permission later. TheContinue reading “Jungle Warfare gets under your skin.”

War of the Worlds and Hellfire

I wanted to do something which gave a feel for ‘The War of the Worlds’ as depicted by H.G. Wells. I wanted to stick as closely as I could to the classic book. Because of this I am trying to avoid the film treatments and similar. This isn’t disapproval on my part. It’s just thatContinue reading “War of the Worlds and Hellfire”

Who do you think you are kidding? A solo scenario.

I wanted to do something different, a touch of the world turned upside down. We have plenty of scenarios for British Commandoes landing on the coast of occupied Europe. But what about the other way round. So in this scenario, on the 17th of November 1942 a German merchant ship, a blockade runner, has beenContinue reading “Who do you think you are kidding? A solo scenario.”

Desperadoes waiting for a train.

The world of St Jerome is often described in the textbooks as balkanised. Certainly you will find an incredible number of independent political entities. Still by and large they are civilised and wars tend to be brushfire or proxy and it is rare for a major conflict to break out. Indeed the various states onContinue reading “Desperadoes waiting for a train.”

Space marines, playing the books not the rules

There were a couple of ideas behind this scenario. With Hellfire, our 6mm troops in powered armour, especially if they’re elite, are pretty difficult to kill. So over the years people who’ve used the rules with their epic figures have commented that using Hellfire, their space marines behave like the ones in the novels thatContinue reading “Space marines, playing the books not the rules”