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Build your own Universe.

I confess that I am basically idle. You see, there are lots of interesting sets of Sci-Fi rules out there, and a great many of them come with their own designer universe. I’m too damned shiftless and workshy to build a universe so I call my rules generic. Now some rule sets not merely haveContinue reading “Build your own Universe.”

A vaguely civil war

This ‘campaign’ is for 6mm, or any scale figures you’ve already got. The setting is vaguely modern but frankly it can cope with anything after WW1 and can reach into lower tech SF worlds. First decide the number of players you have. This probably works best with between two and six. Then you want aContinue reading “A vaguely civil war”

Assisting the Civil Power. A scenario for many periods.

The phrase ‘Assisting the Civil Power’ should send shivers down the spine of an officer. It may mean that a wise copper will guide your wild roaring boys down the paths of righteousness and help them restore order in a manner that brings credit and promotion all round. It might also mean that a self-importantContinue reading “Assisting the Civil Power. A scenario for many periods.”

Hellfire and powered armour

I put together this scenario for 6mm or 15mm figures because I had this nagging suspicion that I might possibly have made good quality troops in powered armour too dangerous. I didn’t think I had, but because I tend to prefer scenarios with plenty of scruffy and disreputable types, they may not have got theContinue reading “Hellfire and powered armour”

A Solo wargamers glimpse of the Third Afghan War.

After a while you lose count with Afghan Wars. But the third was different, in that the Afghans invaded us in 1919. It’s different in another way as well, because my Grandfather was involved in it. He had finished the First World War in Mesopotamia and then just as they were sending people home, heContinue reading “A Solo wargamers glimpse of the Third Afghan War.”