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Afghan September

Picture from Pete Ess This scenario is set ‘soon’, ‘somewhere in Afghanistan.’ Taliban player You arrive on the table at B Your mission is to visit Ramkhil’s village and ensure the inhabitants are aware that the Taliban is now in charge. Because of its strategic position you have been given two bunches of stalwart fightersContinue reading “Afghan September”

A Hell and Uncivil Disorder Scenario

Well Hell and Uncivil Disorder is now published and here is a very simple scenario to show how it plays. In 15mm and above, a bunch will have a certain number of figures (as mentioned below.) Hence a bunch is a squad.In 6mm a bunch will have bases instead of figures. Thus the bunch willContinue reading “A Hell and Uncivil Disorder Scenario”

Coming soon, Hell and Uncivil Disorder.

Just to let people know that ‘Hell and Uncivil Disorder’ are almost ready for publishing. I’m at the stage of trying to wrestle then into Paperback, PDF and Kindle formats. This set of rules is for wargames set after the start of the 20th century, we’ve even fought SF games with them. Whilst we’ve normallyContinue reading “Coming soon, Hell and Uncivil Disorder.”

Hellfire Campaigns. The Universe at Your Feet.

I’ve always felt that wargaming was at its very best when you had a wargames campaign, and to be honest, with 6mm I could hope to provide all the necessary figures. But anyway, I think I ran my first proper campaign back in 1975 and can look back on a long catalogue of errors andContinue reading “Hellfire Campaigns. The Universe at Your Feet.”

Dodgson’s World, The Hellfire Campaign

And finally, the campaign, where you can get a whole heap of 6mm figures on the map and run rings around your opponent. In this mini campaign we are looking at the province of Fidelia Superior. Settled initially by members of the ostentatiously devout Dedicationalist Sect of the Church of Fidelis, it contains the capital,Continue reading “Dodgson’s World, The Hellfire Campaign”

Dodgson’s World-The Hell continues

The pro-Chicom Audley Yonk, previously the Sub-Deacon of Grizom in the Church of Fidelis has found himself promoted to Prince Bishop of Grizom in the new, Chicom backed, Fidelian Reformed Church. It is his duty to travel around his parishes and try and bring the populace back into line. Due to the high esteem inContinue reading “Dodgson’s World-The Hell continues”

The Delta variant

A solo scenario for you. One of the perks of designing a wargames scenario is that you can take a real situation and tweak it, change a couple of the parameters, then hold it up to the light to see what happens. When you’re a writer as well, then you really get to play withContinue reading “The Delta variant”

A little more Hell on Dodgson’s world

The isolated regional capital of Jackon has a small spaceport/airfield which handles mostly civilian traffic. To date it has been strategically irrelevant and has been largely ignored except by small bands of wandering brigands. Chicom now intend to use it as a staging post to handle the process of moving the 27th Mechanised Regiment acrossContinue reading “A little more Hell on Dodgson’s world”