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Policing the Archonate

Every so often I’ll see a figure range and it’ll spark ideas. This is the first time I’ve seen the range still in the greens and thought, “There’s a story there.” The figures are from Ali Doğan Sayıner and the iliada game studio Pavan Voile, ‘Seventeenth Hereditary Archon of the Upper Dree Valley, from CreelContinue reading “Policing the Archonate”

Hell on Dodgson’s World.

[All these scenarios were played out on a six feet by four feet table. When the scenarios were originally available they were available from Irregular Miniatures, you got a pack with all the figures needed to fight the scenario as well as the scenario. From memory, if you bought the three scenarios, you got theContinue reading “Hell on Dodgson’s World.”


A scenario with mecha, grav tanks, powered armour infantry, aliens, mad max style vehicles and a beach location. What more would you want? The first Hellfire scenario to see publication in a commercial newsstand magazine was this one which appeared in the long defunct Role-Player Independent Vol. I No 7. Dealing with the interesting possibilitiesContinue reading “HELLFIRE ON THE BEACH”

Grand Competition. Fabulous Prizes

I’ve got the rule set ‘Hell and Uncivil Disorder’ almost ready for publishing. Wise people have gone through it and have proof read it. Now I need a front cover. I do have a ‘placeholder’ front cover (above) consisting of an almost appropriate photograph that is out of copyright. But I’d really like something showingContinue reading “Grand Competition. Fabulous Prizes”

The Accountancy Shanty

A scenario for Hellfire (but can be converted to other systems). It first appeared in Miniature Wargames back in September 1993 Think far into the future, when mankind has had time to travel a bit, grow old gracefully, and then revert back to type. The rich and influential world Quen-Ti-Kong is a financial centre andContinue reading “The Accountancy Shanty”