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If I ever go back to Tsarina it’ll be to write wargames scenarios.

I’ve had a lot of fun in Tsarina over the years, what with the yaks eating hallucinogenic lichens and a catering industry that uses gastropod where more conventional cuisines use chicken. I first came across Tsarina (“Savants tell us that Tsarina wasn’t as much colonised as infected by humanity – explored for the sake ofContinue reading “If I ever go back to Tsarina it’ll be to write wargames scenarios.”

Hellfire. Playing the Game

As you can see, I don’t paint magnificent figures, nor produce fabulous terrain. I just wargame. You now see why I ask people who do produce nice stuff if I can have photographs. (I’m no great shakes with a camera either) Now for the rules. They do play rather differently to some other sets soContinue reading “Hellfire. Playing the Game”